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About us
This website was established by a collector who has collected Chinese antiques for more than twenty years. All of collections are specialized in archaic bronzes, sculptures, jades, gold and silver wares, glasses, potteries, ceramics, enamel, snuff bottle, etc.

The interest of collection is usually inspired by amaze, like, and then collects. After all, we would like to gain your appreciation and confirmation. Therefore, we establish this website to exhibit the collections with everyone who has interested in the beauty of Chinese antiques. In the further, we hope we can have more China antiques’ curioso.

Nothing can be hold forever. With the aim of promoting Chinese art and culture, we provide exchange and sale to all Chinese antique lovers, collectors, or museums around the world. We cordially invite you to contact us.

E-mail: karl6688@yahoo.com.tw Skype: karl6688 Facebook: Karl Wu Line: karl6688 WeChat: karl032988


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